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Simona Rahav N.D - Naturopathic Doctor

Holistic Treatment of Illnesses and Weight Problems

25 Years of Experiance

I believe in personally customized nutrition for everyone, their physiological and mental structure, their daily schedule and profession. These are the principals upon which I base my treatment method.

Simona Rahav N.D



Simona started studying Naturopathy, specializing in diagnostics and nutrition at the Zan-Bar Naturopathy College in 1983. At 2005 she received her Doctor of Naturopathy (ND) degree.

Simona's unique method treats verity of conditions such as:

Diabetes, allergies, infertility, weight problems (excess and deficiency), migraine, cholesterol and heart problems, liver problems, acne, psoriasis and various skin problems Crohn's disease and other intestinal problems, lupus and various situations in which the body attacks itself, defined as "auto-immune" by conventional medicine.

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Contact me:

Kfar-Monash POB 117


Phone number:


Additional: +972-50-2469117


Skype: lexi.sgl

Treatment of:
  • Diabetes

  • infertility

  • weight problems

  • intestinal illnesses

  • auto-immune issues

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